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Property ID : MLS #02211

For Sale $39,000,000 - Luxury Properties ($1M+)
15000 acres
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Property Description:

The estate is a total of 14,964 acres and is comprised of 17 different land systems which have been identified. The estate is bordered on the east by approximately 4.4 miles of Caribbean Sea and on the north by approximately 2.1 miles of the Southern Lagoon. The estate is split up into 8 sections that are described in details below.

Immediate Investment Opportunity:

This property has approximately 475 acres of bearing citrus groves and some 200 acres of bearing mango groves. The produce is processed locally and sold to local processing plants and generate a considerable amount of income.

Other Development Opportunities:

Other developments on the estate include:

  1. 2 paved access roads which total to 4.4 miles and extends from the Coastal Highway to the Caribbean Sea as well as the Southern Lagoon.
  2. 3,000 feet paved airstrip
  3. A 50-acre commercial scale shrimp farming complex
  4. An unpaved 2.1 mile all weather access road to a partially constructed 20-unit mountain lodge which overlooks the estates eastern, seaward 8,000 acres on the Southern Lagoon and Caribbean Sea.

Additional Information:

The property is comprised of a range of forest types, cave systems, and water resources that support an incredible diversity and multitude of wildlife. The forest types that exist within the Estate include cool, high-canopy broadleaf forests with tall tropical hardwoods and huge shade tolerant palms, which are home to a variety of great mammals, cats and birds.

Section #1 has the mountain top villas and resort infrastructure with paved road leading to a buildable area on the southern lagoon, a perfect place for a sheltered marina & docks.

Sections #2 & #4 have the airstrip and mango orchard. Citrus orchards are in sections #1, #5 & #2, with rice production land in sections #5, #3 & #2. The shrimp farm is in section 2.

Section #6 has 2 beautiful seafront villas on 30 acres with 1/2 km of landscaped Caribbean beach.

Section #7 is sold.

Section #8 (499 acres) has .5 miles of Caribbean beach.


(Prices, terms, conditions and availability subject to changes without prior notice or obligation)

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