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Congratulations on finding the ONLY website which allows you to search and view ALL the reported real estate listings in Belize in one place. We are very proud of the service we have created, and we know this will make your search for your dream property in Belize a million times easier. Until now, everyone who was searching for Belize real estate had to click separately through every real estate website in Belize.... over 150! We have been in the real estate business in Belize for over 6 years, and the complaint we kept hearing over and over again was "WHY ISN'T THERE A MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE IN BELIZE?!?" The simplified answer is the real estate industry in Belize is simply to fractured as a result of lack of regulation by the government. Believe it or not, there are no laws governing the real estate industry in Belize, which means there is no licensing for "realtors" nor any laws to protect the consumer from possible fraud. Since the 150 or more "realtors" in Belize have been unable to agree on how to run a Multiple Listing Service, we decided we would.


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